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Jeffrey Barlow: Movie Mogul?

So it turns out I’m no longer the only filmmaker in the Barlow household! Three days ago, as he was getting ready for school, my son Jeffrey informed me that he had a great idea for “the ultimate horror film” and he wanted me to help him make it. (Keep in mind Jeffrey has never seen a horror movie in his life.)

Intrigued, I asked him to pitch the story to me. His idea concerns a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie, a mummy, and (my personal favorite) a “skeleton robot” who team up to kill humans. Each of them shares their knowledge and techniques with the others, so the vampire teaches everyone how to drink blood, the werewolf teaches them how to “eat flesh” (his phrase), etc. By pooling their knowledge, they all become better killers.

I thought it was a pretty creative idea for a seven year-old — especially the skeleton robot. (I’ve been rewatching the Terminator films recently for the podcast, and Jeffrey said he got the idea for the robot from the T2 DVD artwork. He hasn’t seen the movie.)

Still, some facets of the plot aren’t entirely worked out — when I asked Jeffrey what the zombie would teach, for instance, he said he didn’t know. So his twin brother Bryan pipes up with “How about a math or computer class?” Well, Jeffrey loved that idea, so my two boys are joining forces to further develop the plot. They’re going to get back to me after they’ve figured out a bit more of the story.

This is going to be the best movie ever, just you wait and see!

In other news, episode 102 of the podcast was released this week. Here’s the iTunes show description:

Cinemaslave #102: No Country for Old Songwriters

Inspired by the abundance of Terminator movies he’s been watching lately, Joe decides to fend off his current head cold by sending Arnold Schwarzenegger back in time to give him some chicken soup before he got sick. It didn’t work, so please excuse the sniffles and coughs this week.

Who would believe that Joe would discover his two favorite films of 2007 within 24 hours of each other? Not Joe, that’s for sure. But it happened, and your intrepid host is bursting at the seams to spread his love for the Coen Brothers’ mesmerizing No Country for Old Men, and the haunting Irish anti-musical, Once. But then he has to ruin the fun by bringing up Terminator 3. He’s sorry.


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Play episode #102 here or visit the main site



Cinemaslave #101 Released

Cinemaslave #101: Little Juno Needs to Terminate

Oh beloved HD-DVD, we hardly knew ye. In this week’s episode, Joe bids farewell to the apparent loser of the Hi-Definition Format War, but isn’t very happy about it. Nonetheless, he finds the strength to carry on and talk about Werner Herzog, the much-hyped Oscar contender Juno, and the various ways to win friends and influence liquid metal cyborgs, with none of that unpleasant schmaltzy aftertaste.


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Play Cinemaslave #101 here or visit the main site