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The Lion Whispers

Lions for Lambs

At last, here’s a movie about the Iraq war that functions just like the American government: people talk, and talk, and talk, and talk… and in the end, not a damn thing happens. Tom Cruise, Meryl Streep, and Robert Redford are among those who talk and talk and talk and talk, before settling down for some serious talking. Occasionally we intercut some footage of a group of American soldiers in Iraq, who talk and shoot, and talk and talk and talk and shoot some more, then dramatically hunker down for some serious talking.

Then there’s the talking, mixed with talking, talking, and some very intense talking. If only someone would actually say something.

I like political movies, but this is a story that wants to be a play, not a film. It’s the least cinematic movie I’ve seen in ages, comprised almost entirely of medium shots showing people in drab offices, jabbering away like a “Liberal Propaganda for Dummies” informercial. The phrase “heavy handed” doesn’t even begin to cover it. (And by the way, I’m a hardcore liberal democrat, who basically agrees with the politics of this film… and I was still only moderately interested.)

What a missed opportunity.