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Exploring Cinematic Racism

Cinemaslave #105: Blame it on Batman

The best laid plans, folks. After Joe happened to catch a screening of Columbia Pictures’ 1943 Batman film this week, and found himself horrified by its unabashed anti-Japanese sentiment, Joe threw out the planned episode and instead devotes this installment of the ‘Slave to a look at cinematic racism. We’ll continue the discussion next week, but for now, tip-toe with your host through the minefields of D.W. Griffith and Al Jolson’s The Jazz Singer as we explore the effects that outdated prejudices can have on a film’s artistic legacy.


Batman ’43 * Birth of a Nation * Intolerance * Broken Blossoms * The Jazz Singer * The Vitaphone era * Listener feedback * Several listeners weigh in on Meet the Spartans * The plight of Orson Welles * Flying High and soundtrack substitutions in Australia * Bond is not forsaken * Pop-culture references in comedy * Dazzling DVD transfers

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