Cinemaslave #106: Racist Militants Pight the Flower

Cinemaslave #106: Dyslexic Militants Pight the Flower!

The discussion of movie racism continues this week with a look at Spike Lee’s sensational but controversial call-to-arms, Do the Right Thing. Joe also bids farewell to one of his all-time favorite actors as we mourn the passing of Roy Scheider, who’s finally going to get that bigger boat he always wanted. And your fellow Cinemaslaves do their part with a string of intelligent, articulate voicemails on film censorship and D.W. Griffith’s notorious and much-maligned movie blockbuster in this epic-length show.


We miss you, Roy! * Listener feedback * Better excuses for watching Meet the Spartans * The Hottie and the Nottie is “nottie” exactly setting the box office ablaze * A minority viewpoint on Birth of a Nation * Is Gone With the Wind more racist than Birth? * Brilliant propaganda and deplorable films * The importance of a societal viewpoint * Pop-culture spoofs: the final chapter * Revisionist film history * When political correctness goes overboard * Hey Disney… free Song of the South! * The influence and effect of the “racist” tag * Huck Finn: a literary “time out” * The legacy of Oscar Micheaux * Do the Right Thing

Click here to listen to the episode


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