Screening report

Here’s a link to a nice newspaper article about the Extra Extra screening.

In fact, I want to have a t-shirt made that says “I Survived The Extra Extra Premiere.”

Good times, folks… we had a great crowd. The screening didn’t quite sell out, but the theater was around three-quarters full (total seating capacity: 400), which is quite respectable for 1pm on a Sunday afternoon. (On Veteran’s Day, no less… we didn’t realize this when we booked the theater.) I’ll post some footage of the screening on YouTube later.

One of the biggest thrills for me was seeing the name of our project on the theater marquee, right beside Ridley Scott’s American Gangster. Sharing marquee space with one of my directing idols… priceless. Still, this rapturous experience was counterbalanced by the presence of Bee Movie on the sign.

And Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans… guess what I saw in the projection booth? A 35mm film print of Warrior of the Lost World! Yes, the futuristic talking bike film, starring the Paper Chase guy! According to Brian, the assistant manager of the theater, the film print was “abandoned” by a distributor, who didn’t want it back after a screening. So the theater kept the print, and they run it from time to time, and all the employees go into the theater and make fun of the film. AWESOME. It’s one of the greatest bad movies ever made.

Reaction to Extra Extra was very positive. We got laughs in all the right places, and even a few places where I didn’t expect them. I also got some ideas on what should be cut to bring the thing down to 23 minutes (it presently runs 26), so that we can send it off to Canada. A lot of dreams go with it.

We had a post-screening party at Fresno’s, which ran for several hours. It was great hanging out with these amazing people, now that the stress has lifted. I reconnected with my friends in the cast and crew, met their spouses, made new friends, and ate way too much wonderful food.

My son Bryan is over the moon now that he’s seen himself on the big screen. He ran over and gave me a big hug after the screening, saying that he wants to be in ALL my movies from this point on, because he wants to be a rich TV star. Jeffrey played it much cooler, but I think he was delighted, too. All in all, a very satisfying day.

Packing continues at a frantic pace. With the move, and now the DVD authoring for Extra Extra, it appears unlikely I’ll get another Cinemaslave out before the end of the year. Maybe the heavens will align, but I can’t promise it. Show #100 *IS COMING*, but probably not before January.



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