Bergman on the Moon


First, the bad news: Ingmar Bergman, filmmaker extraordinaire, died this morning at his home in Sweden. He was 89. His directorial credits include two of my all-time favorite movies, Wild Strawberries and The Seventh Seal. If I can make the time, I’m going to rewatch both films this week in tribute.

Amy, the boys and I went to see The Simpsons Movie on Saturday, and I found myself fairly indifferent to it. There were some hilarious moments, to be sure, but I couldn’t escape the feeling that I was watching three rejected TV scripts that had been half-heartedly stitched together. I didn’t feel that Groening and company did anything in the film that they couldn’t have done just as well on the regular show. It’s not bad, but neither is it anything special, and I really wanted it to be.

A Trip to the Moon
I spent most of yesterday (Sunday) on my feet, helping out on the set of my friend Bob Sweeney’s new short film, A Night on the Moon. It’s a tribute to the work of French cinema pioneer George Melies, the genius behind the 1902 classic short A Trip to the Moon, which has been endlessly parodied and referenced. I loved being on the set; Bob’s got a great vision for the project, and it was neat to be surrounded by both modern filmmaking equipment and actors in 1900-era clothes and make-up. Very surreal. I think the movie is going to be something special.

I also made lots of great new contacts, including several actors that I’d love to put into one of my own projects. Good times.



One response to “Bergman on the Moon

  1. Wow Joe, was your mind on the moon and short films whilst watching the Simpsons movie? For me personally, I thought it was very funny, having been quite indifferent to the past few years worth of tv episodes.

    The movie was self-referential, zany, surreal and to its credit sustained its 90 minute running time superbly.

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