The Potter and the Pilot

I think I’m the only person in the world not presently hunkered down with the new Harry Potter novel, but it’s not for lack of trying. I pre-ordered my copy three months ago, but wasn’t home when the package arrived from Amazon on Saturday. So instead of leaving the box on the stoop — which he’s done a million times before — the mailman slipped a note under my door, telling me to come to the downtown post office any time after 9am Monday (yesterday) to pick up the book.

Now, really, is this necessary? Like most people, I have a day job, and it just so happens that my schedule corresponds *exactly* to the post office’s hours of operation. So they expect me to… what, take a vacation day to come pick up the box? I can’t even ask to leave work a few minutes early to go get it, since 1) I work an hour away from home; and 2) I just started this job, and haven’t accumulated any vacation time yet anyway.

So this means I likely won’t get my hands on the book until Saturday, which is my next free day. If I had known this would happen, I wouldn’t have preordered the thing from Amazon. I would have just swung by my local Borders and snagged one of the several hundred copies they have on display there. Grr. I’m tempted to just buy another copy, then return it to the store after I get the package. Fortunately, I’m not quite that shameless.

However, apart from my Potter-tinged frustrations, most of the stuff going on in my life right now is pretty wonderful.

The pilot is progressing beyond my wildest expectations. The biggest news is that we officially got permission to shoot a portion of the show inside the Scranton Times building, which will give us substantial production value; we don’t have to build or dress a newsroom set. We’d been told verbally that we could shoot there, but it’s nice to have the permission formally granted in writing. Their only stipulation is that we have to shoot on a weekend. That’s perfectly fine.

And not only can we use their facility, but the Times wants to do a feature story about the three crazy guys (me, Mike, and Robert) who are shooting a sitcom in Scranton. (The Office is set in Scranton, but not filmed here.) Cool… interviews are fun.

I also got a freelance gig to do the subtitle prep for the Russian DVD edition of Wishbone, a horror film written and produced by Mike Fasciana, the producer of the sitcom. (The US version of Wishbone comes out today… let me know if you spot it in your local video store.) Neat… I can use the extra money. So far this partnership is working out extremely well.



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