The Vampire’s Laptop

Well, whaddya know… after several days of talking, asking, pleading, and finally ranting (in that order) to a myriad of Apple employees on the telephone, I finally found someone who acknowledged that, golly gee, the company totally screwed up this repair job, and needs to actually *fix the machine* like they promised. Why this took so long to resolve, I have no idea.

So yeah, the audio on my iBook is going to be repaired at no additional charge, though it will (of course) take a few more days. Then I get to drive another two hours (each way) to the Rockaway, NJ Apple store to pick up my system. It better work *perfectly*, that’s all I’ve got to say.

So look for the podcast to return in a week or so. Shayne’s been doing a great job, but I’m itching to get back behind the mic again.

In hindsight, I should have probably just bought a new machine. It would have eliminated the three weeks of waiting, wouldn’t have cost much more than this repair once I factor in the price of gas for two round trips to New Jersey (about eight hours of driving), and on top of that, I’d now have a much faster machine with a bigger hard drive and a built-in DVD burner. Well, chalk it up as a life lesson: computers aren’t really worth repairing anymore.

But nonetheless, I can’t be too unhappy, for I’ve just learned that a new Special Edition DVD of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is on the way at last. I love the heck out of this goofy film, in all of its Keanu “Wooden Plank” Reeves glory, and have long lamented the maddening bare-bones disc currently available in Region 1.

But all will be forgiven on October 9, 2007 with the release of a new deluxe edition. Special features will include director’s commentary, a brand new making-of documentary, and several deleted scenes. Hopefully we’ll get a full remastering job as well, because the current disc looks like ass — it reminds me of Warner Brothers’ first DVD pressing of Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon, which (rather infamously) looked worse than the VHS version. People raised hell, and it was quickly corrected. It’s taken a lot longer for Dracula to get some love, but I trust the wait will be worth it.



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