Harry Potter and the Order of the Screenwriters

I took the kids to see the latest Harry Potter film last night. I was less than enthusiastic at the prospect, as Order of the Phoenix was by far my least favorite of the books, but the film actually delivered in a big way. I’d even say that this is the only Potter movie thusfar that’s actually superior to the book on which it’s based — a dull, plodding novel has been wonderfully condensed into a tight piece of cinema.

I can’t believe this film wasn’t directed by Terry Gilliam, because David Yates has clearly been swiping pages from Mr. G’s playbook, with beautifully dark, atmospheric photography featured in every frame. The Ministry of Magic sequences in particular look like they came straight out of Brazil. Kudos also to Daniel Radcliffe, who makes tremendous strides as an actor.

In other news, I had my script meeting with Michael and Robert yesterday. It went quite well, though Michael surprised me by reading my revised draft of the script right then and there, with me sitting at the table. So Robert and I discussed a project that Robert is developing on his own as Michael read the revised draft of the pilot. I don’t mind telling you that it was hard to concentrate on what Robert was saying while Michael sat beside him, analyzing every word of my draft.

But fortunately, he liked it. He agrees with me that the ending is the weakest part of the story. We discussed a few ways in which it might be salvaged, and I think we know the approach we’re going to take. I also discussed some proposed changes I have to the characterizations, some of which he liked, and some of which he didn’t. So that information will be very useful when I do the next rewrite, which should be a very quick job; it’s all minor stuff this time, as opposed to the complete overhaul I just did. We should have the actual start date by the first of next week.

It’s still looking good, folks. I can’t believe it.


2 responses to “Harry Potter and the Order of the Screenwriters

  1. The “Order of the Phoenix” sounds like an enjoyable movie. Thanks for the review.

  2. Loved the review, I’m going to see it tomorrow night. Cant wait!

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