We have music…

I’m about two-thirds of the way through the script rewrite. It continues to chug along without major incident, and I’m hoping to finish it tonight. I sent Michael the first few pages just to get his reaction, and he seemed pleased with them. I didn’t tell him that I’ve subsequently rewritten those pages three or four times — oops. We’ll see what he thinks of the finished draft.

I got a call from a film composer named David Brodt yesterday; Michael worked with him on the movie Wishbone, and he’ll be doing the music for the pilot. We had a good chat. He seems quite into the concept and eager to do a good job, and the sample audio clips he provided to me were excellent. I think he’ll work out nicely.

No word from Apple yet on the (second) computer repair. I wish they understood how desperately I need my Mac back. I don’t want to keep struggling with my friend’s machine. And I sure as heck don’t want to edit the pilot episode on a borrowed machine, no matter how agreeable my friend may be. There’s something reassuring about having your software set up exactly the way you want it. And darn it, I miss doing Cinemaslave.

The IMDB Daily Hit list has a link to my Ruining Movies article on the main page today. Sweet… the blog traffic is insane again.



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