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I’ve spent much of this weekend working on a rewrite of the pilot script. I have to hand in my draft on Sunday the 15th, which is my next meeting with Mike (writer/producer) and Robert (producer). Being that I’m only polishing an already good script, I don’t anticipate any trouble finishing on time. Provided they like my (minor) changes, we intend to have this thing shot and edited by the end of the summer. It’s amazing how fast things can move when everyone’s pulling in the same direction. Here’s hoping nothing jinxes it.

I also saw Sicko and 1408 this weekend, along with All That Jazz on cable, which I’d never seen before.

Sicko is everything I’ve come to expect from a Michael Moore film: funny, thoughful, and utterly manipulative. I’m always aware that I’m being played like a piano when I watch one of his films, but the message is worth it. Strongly recommended.

1408 started off well, but seemed to lose its way around the halfway point… probably when the film began *showing* us the scary stuff, rather than *implying* it. But I do give the movie credit for sticking to scares rather than gore. That’s an unorthodox choice for a modern horror film, and a welcome one. The first half is great. The second half is lackluster, but never horrible. I guess that converts overall into a mild recommendation from me.

All That Jazz was part Woody Allen, part David Lynch, part Cabaret; it’s a movie I ended up admiring more than actually enjoying. An interesting piece of filmmaking, but the sections where the story becomes secondary to the choreography put me off slightly.



One response to “Various stuff

  1. Hi Joe, I’m a newbie when it comes to blogging,so bear with me.
    My blog will also consist of movie production and cinematography. I just wanted to say that with today’s technology,directors have the abilty to have any vision they want projected on screen but it’s still good old fashion story telling that sells a movie!!!!

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