Children of the night… what sweet movies they make.

One of the topics that has come up repeatedly on Cinemaslave over the last couple of years is my well-known disdain for movie remakes. I’ve railed against the artistic stagnation of the film industry, criticizing its suffocation of new ideas in favor of remaking old properties based solely on name recognition. It may therefore come as a shock to you to learn that I’ve been nurturing a persistent fantasy to write and direct my own adaptations of Dracula and Frankenstein for several years.

No, I can’t explain it either. I’ve been fascinated with these stories ever since I read the novels in 7th grade, over twenty years ago. I’ve seen and studied most of the various film adaptations (including the Murnau and Herzog versions of Nosferatu, and the 1910 adaptation of Frankenstein, produced by Thomas Edison). And I want my own turn.

I know the slant I’d take. I can see in my mind the types of images I’d use. I think they’d turn out okay.

But isn’t this blatant hypocrisy, you ask? Well, yes. Your point?



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