Back on the big screen?

I discovered that there’s a non-profit organization in the Scranton area called The Community Film Project, dedicated to providing aid and support to filmmakers looking to complete their own movies. Wow. I met several members of the board recently, and they’d like me to become involved with the group. Nifty.

Went to their last meeting over the weekend, and made some great contacts. I also submitted copies of my short films “Hammer Time” and “The Wicked Witch Project,” and the former was accepted to screen at their next film festival, which is pretty cool. I’ve never seen it on a big screen. I think the problem with TWWP is that it’s just too long for a short and too short for a feature, which is understandable — and hey, I can’t complain that the movie hasn’t gotten enough recognition already.

Cinemaslave continues to grow and surprise me. A listener from Los Angeles wrote in this week to say that he was at a critics’ screening for Superman Returns several months back and heard one of the critics for Entertainment Weekly describing my show to someone else as “probably the best movie podcast out there.” This person came home, googled the show name, and has been a loyal listener ever since. Gee thanks, EW critic! Now, how about printing that statement somewhere in your magazine? 😉



2 responses to “Back on the big screen?

  1. Mrs. Cinemaslave

    Hey sweet cheeks!
    I was just thinking maybe TWWP could be viewed as a trailer at CFP. Love ya bunches!

  2. Sounds great Joe, I wish I could find something like that here but alas I am still house bound.

    Great to hear things are going well with your movie aspirations.

    Haven’t Checked but is there a DVD quality version for sale of TWWP?

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