Cinemaslave #85 released

Cinemaslave #85: In Heaven, Everything is Elephants

Joe is not an animal… he’s a human being. That’s why he’s strapping a machine gun to his leg and blasting his way through a mountain of Grindhouse-themed listener feedback. And brace yourself for a double dose of demented imagery as your intrepid host tackles David Lynch’s gloriously bizarre first two feature films, Eraserhead and The Elephant Man.


  • An apology to Trevor at MMM Commentaries
  • Promo: Matthew Ebel’s High Orbit podcast
  • Mrs. Cinemaslave’s bad movie choices
  • Reviews: David Lynch’s Eraserhead and The Elephant Man
  • Recommended YouTube short: The Biggest Eraserhead Fan in the World
  • Listener feedback: 100% Grindhouse, baby
  • Is Planet Terror a “real” exploitation flick?
  • Check out the Hollywood Saloon’s Grindhouse special
  • Tarantino vs. Smith: a dialogue smackdown
  • Grindhouse: box office poison?
  • Planet Terror vs. Death Proof: the debate continues
  • Big Belly grinds up both films
  • Machete: probably not coming to a theater near you
  • Link: The DON’T! trailer
  • Kurt Russell is the King. No, really.
  • Tim vs. Joe: should people get excited over movies they haven’t seen?
  • From Dusk Til Dawn: is it a better RR/QT collaboration?
  • Should we base a film’s quality on its budget?
  • Please help spread Bosun Dan’s Cinemaslave flyer in your town
  • Thanks for listening!

    Click here to listen


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