Cinemaslave #84 released

Cinemaslave #84: Someone’s Been Grinding In My House

Joe’s orgy of expectation over a certain sleezy Rodriguez/Tarantino double feature reaches its apex this week when the film finally opens. Your intrepid host has saved you a seat in the filthiest movie theater in Pennsylvania, right next to a smelly, crack-smoking homeless man with nowhere else to go. But enough about Bobby Brown.


  • The Grindhouse opens its sweat-drenched doors at last!
  • Promo: The Doctor Who: Podshock podcast
  • Lament for a late filmmaker
  • The hunt for Black Christmas
  • Review: Grindhouse
  • Chris gets to the sleeze-fest first
  • Listener feedback
  • Tarantino TV?
  • Tim from the UK spends some time with the Thing
  • Big Belly’s Spider Man 3 fetish
  • By listener request: Joe’s Amazon.Com wish list
  • Please saturate your town with Bosun Dan’s Cinemaslave flyer
  • Thanks for listening!

    Click here to listen


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