In the Tideland with Drew


“Dead things are slow. You have to be alive to run.” —Tideland

Pan’s Labyrinth and Little Miss Sunshine had a baby, and the result is this film. As in PL, a little girl retreats into a fantasy world to escape her horrible “real” life. As in LMS, the little girl is surrounded by the ultimate dysfunctional family, and you’ll likely find yourself wanting to slap them repeatedly. As in PL, the cinematography is gorgeous. As in LMS, the plot involves, in part, a cross-country road trip.

And as with PL, I have no idea how to rate this film after only one viewing. It’s pretty overwhelming in terms of the sheer *misery* that this little girl is forced to endure, and I found myself deeply involved with her problems as I was watching. I was certainly engaged in the story, and desperately wanted her to be okay. But I did not enjoy the experience of *watching* her come to terms with the fate of her two parents, nor witnessing the way she is treated. She deserved better. I admired the achievements of this film tremendously, but I don’t yet know if I “liked” it. I’ll have to see how it sticks with me over the next week or so.

But shame on you, Terry Gilliam, for giving this little girl one of the most cartoonish Southern accents ever to grace a film. Boo.

My Date with Drew

A cute but slightly tepid documentary about an average guy’s quest to ask Drew Barrymore out on a date. Broke and unemployed, our intrepid hero made the film for a paltry $1,100.00, which he won on a game show. The resulting movie chronicles his attempts to make contact with the actress and show her a good time. It’s a true testament to our narrator’s natural charisma that he manages to come off as a loveable goofball rather than a creepy stalker, and I admire his achievement in making one of the lowest-budget films ever to get released by a major studio. But overall this is pretty forgettable entertainment.



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