Cinemaslave #82 released

Cinemaslave #82: A Few Different Things

Joe heads to the South Pole to investigate a crashed alien spaceship and party with its shapeshifting pilot, but finds the antarctic much too warm compared to a typical Pennsylvania winter. This episode is given over entirely to the various incarnations of “The Thing,” so have your thermite explosives ready.


  • A long dormant project
  • Promo: Vince Rotolo’s B-movie Cast
  • The (Horrifying) Sound of Music
  • How John Carpenter alienated one of my potential girlfriends
  • The origin story: John W. Campbell’s “Who Goes There?
  • The BBC takes a stab at “Who Goes There?”
  • Joe’s thoughts: The Thing from Another World (1951)
  • Howard Hawks vs. Christian Nyby: would the real director please stand up?
  • The communist creature
  • The “Hawks” woman
  • Killer vegetables from another world
  • The Best 1950s horror movie shot
  • Another Region 1 DVD guffaw
  • Check out the new Region 2 special edition of The Thing from Another World
  • Joe’s thoughts: John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982)
  • Why remake a classic?
  • Rob Bottin’s visual magic
  • Oatmeal, jazz, and the cast of the film
  • A Cinemaslave listener takes on the Thing franchise!
  • Check out the script for The Thing: Ground Zero
  • Another Thing remake on the way?
  • The comic book Thing sequels
  • Listener feedback… not
  • Keep watching the skies!

    Click here to listen


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