Cinemaslave #81 released

Cinemaslave #81: That Ol’ Black Snake Hum

Forty-five minutes of humming (and a sleep-deprived host) makes for good podcasting. In this week’s episode, Joe shares the story of the worst car ride ever, worships at the altar of Craig Brewer, and mathematically proves that “The Wedding Singer” and “Music and Lyrics” are, in fact, the same damn movie.


  • A plethora of humming
  • Show planning is for wimps
  • Mr. Barlow’s Wild Ride
  • More movie talk at the Cinemaslave blog
  • Withstanding the Cult of 300
  • Reclaiming the forums
  • What Joe’s Been Watching: Music and Lyrics
  • Drew Barrymore: the official romantic comedy actress?
  • Is commercial art an oxymoron?
  • Hey buddy… wanna buy a podcast?
  • Feeling happy at a film vs. feeling awed at a film
  • What Joe’s Been Watching: Black Snake Moan
  • Being fooled by a movie trailer
  • Musical sex
  • Craig Brewer: my new hero
  • Mrs. Cinemaslave: your weekly update
  • Will you be my friend, Spanky?
  • Joe’s iPod crisis has been resolved! Thanks to Louis, Kipp, and everyone else!
  • Casino Royale: an underwhelming DVD?
  • Everything I need to know about filmmaking, I learned from Robert Rodriguez
  • Superman returned! Again and again and again and again!
  • Tim in Cambridge, on the Alien series and Doctor Who’s return
  • Get me to my freakin’ bed!

    Click here to listen


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