Cinemaslave #80 released

Cinemaslave #80: Zodiac Takes the Bronx

It’s time to show your Cinemaslave Emo stripes! Joe takes you on a guided tour through a serial killer’s psyche and a “Diet Scorsese” version of Little Italy, but can’t shake the thought that a few Sesame Street songs would’ve helped the latter. But everything’s going to be fine, because Grindhouse is coming. Dude.


  • Dude… it’s Grindhouse!
  • Promo: The Whocast
  • A Tale of Two Evas
  • Thomas gets the last laugh
  • Death of a shiny blue friend
  • Terry Gilliam’s latest plea
  • Mrs. Cinemaslave: an update
  • What’s Joe Been Watching?: Zodiac and A Bronx Tale
  • Listener feedback
  • Reservoir Dough
  • Godzilla: how much is he worth?
  • Monkey points for Kong
  • Managing movies for fun and profit
  • Tower jumping for the sake of art
  • The grimacing, scrunchy-nosed Ms. Potter
  • The non-excitement of actors
  • How “Cinemaslave Emo” are you?
  • Big Belly’s Labyrinth smooch
  • Share your own best movie-related kiss!
  • The obligatory vote whoring

    Click here to listen


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