Cinemaslave #79 released

In this week’s episode of the ‘Slave, Joe salutes Martin Scorsese for single-handedly saving the show, and tries to avoid a rampaging woodchuck with a flaming skull. But inexplicably, only the love of Jane Seymour can save us.


  • Marty saves the ‘Slave!
  • The bonus show: lost in time?
  • Mrs. Cinemaslave’s exciting hospital adventure
  • Promo: The Battlestar Galactica: Combat Information Center podcast
  • What’s Joe Been Watching?: Somewhere in Time and Ghost Rider
  • Listener feedback
  • Rehashing the Indianapolis
  • Box-office books (and bucks!)
  • Snakes on a Phoenix
  • Another listener meet-up? Let’s make it happen!
  • Empathizing with slacker clerks
  • Joe’s latest podcasting sin
  • Justin’s got a brand new “Thing”
  • Pan’s Labyrinth: your fellow ‘Slaves weigh in
  • Thanks for listening!

    Click here to listen


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