The “best actor” awards

I’ve long wondered whether the Academy should bestow the word “best” upon any actor.  After all, did Helen Mirren really give the single best female performance of the entire year, or was she merely adequate in an extraordinarily written role?  Would she have been nominated if she offered acting of an equal caliber in, say, a fluffy romantic comedy?  I think not.

The Academy is quick to recognize actors for trying different types of roles, especially ones that requires someone to play a retarded or physically handicapped character.  But good performances should not necessarily be confused with good writing or directing… and I fear this happens to some degree almost every year.




One response to “The “best actor” awards

  1. In response to your question of whether the brilliant Dame Helen Mirren truly deserved the “best” actress Oscar, the answer is an unequivocal yes.

    Please remember that the Academy was not the only film award body to applaud Dame Helen’s performance – it was also cited as the best performance of the year by the HFPA, fellow actors (SAG), BAFTA and virtually every film critics circle in America.

    Though the screenplay for “The Queen” is well-written, most of the credit for Mirren’s performance is due to her own extraordinary acting acuity. In fact, her performance actually overrides certain DEFICIENCIES in the script and dialogue, IMO (i.e. the almost ludicrous stag scene and unintentionally humorous dialogue ascribed to the royal family (“Move over, cabbage!”). Moreover, how many Oscar-winning performances did NOT benefit to some degree from good writing – do you consider “Sophie’s Choice”, “The Silence of The Lambs”, “The Hours”, “Shakespeare in Love”, “Gone With The Wind”, etc. to be POORLY written scripts?

    LOL: I think an “extraordinarily written” fluffy romantic comedy is rather a contradiction in terms, don’t you?

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