Cinemaslave #78 released

Cinemaslave #78: Killing Terabithians for the Railroad

In this week’s episode, your clueless host celebrates the impending arrival of the Oscars by dropping an obscene amount of money on new audio equipment. Meanwhile, Joe’s all-time favorite kids’ novel gets “Disney-fied” on the big screen, but he braved a screening of it just for you. (Yes, *you*.) In gratitude, a slew of Cinemaslave listeners send in some of the angriest feedback ever to appear on the show. Grab your Joe voodoo doll, and play along at home!


  • This podcast is anamorphically enhanced, for big ears
  • Promo: Plan Nine Rock Show podcast
  • It’s official: Joe’s old blog is divorcing the show
  • Check out the spiffy new Cinemaslave blog
  • Mrs. Cinemaslave: missing in action?
  • Dig the new funky sound quality, baby!
  • Join us on the forums for live Oscar commentary
  • Interested in our poster contest?
  • What’s Joe been watching? An abundance of Oscar films
  • Quickee reviews: United 93 and Pan’s Labyrinth (revisit)
  • Visual style over substance
  • Alien jazz hands
  • Sequels with merit
  • Review: Bridge to Terabithia
  • Listener feedback
  • The e-mail trilogy of terror
  • Remakes regretfully rehashed repeatedly
  • Racist Accusations II: The Rash of Khan
  • Kinder, gentler e-mail from Trev at MMM Commentaries, Paul in Michigan, and Vince at The B-Movie Cast
  • Harold Lloyd: star of kids’ TV?
  • The Three Stooges: funny or not?
  • The Creature from the Third Dimension
  • Thanks for listening!

    Click here to listen


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